We warmly welcome you to Rancho Loco, reviewed by our guests as providing the most wonderful and awesome horseback tours in Aruba!   Rancho Loco is proud to be the only horseback ranch in Aruba where our guests’ experience with nature begins at the ranch itself. And we take you to the most SPECTACULAR and MEMORABLE SITE SEEING LOCATIONS in the NATIONAL PARK ARIKOK, including the NATURAL POOL.  

Rancho Loco is the only horseback tour provider that offers:

·         Friendly and caring tour guides that assure you a safe and excellent experience throughout the entire guided tour. 
·         Exceptional tours where you can experience the beauty of Aruba’s National Park including its spectacular Natural Pool. 
·         Horses well trained for all types of terrain, suitable for both experienced riders and beginners. 
·         A tour to Moro Beach, followed by BBQ lunch back at our ranch. 
·         Tours beginning 4 min from the entrance to the National Park Arikok.
·         Many trusted booking system companies that offer our tour services.  
·         Riding lessons for beginners as well as experienced riders 
·         Dedication to the boarding and caring of horses, and the training of juvenile horses.
·         The environmentally "greenest" horse ranch in Aruba.  


Rancho Loco is located in Santa Cruz, the oldest city in Aruba, and 4 minutes away from the entrance to Park Arikok and the trail that leads to the Natural Pool.
Come and experience one or all of our breathtaking tours and enjoy the wonders that our beautiful Island of Aruba has waiting for you.
This is one activity that shouldn’t require much thought when planning to have an intimate and exciting vacation experience. BOOK NOW!

Our tours are fully insured, and we are proud that throughout our years of operation we remain claim free!

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